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projectpara's Journal

Project Paranormal
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Project Paranormal


Who are we?

What happened to Angel after he entered that alley in LA? Or to Buffy and Giles after Sunnydale? Find out with our collection of brand new stories, wonderful exclusive adventures brought to you by your favourite authors.


Project Paranormal is a fanfiction series based around Joss Whedon's BtVS and Angel verses, and follows on from Not Fade Away. The stories, written by a collection of the fandom's most talented authors, depicts the lives of Buffy, Angel and Giles, and the mysteries unravelled with their supernatural investigation agency - Project Paranormal.


  • This journal is for the discussion of all things to do with Project Paranormal, and we’d love to hear what you think. For example, what were your views on how we got Angel out of that alley, and are you still biting your fingernails about whether the Grail is the real deal? Do you have suggestions for things you’d like to read about?

  • Ask us any questions, give us any comments, share your disagreements – just be kind to us, we break easily.

  • Don't post your fanfiction here, please, or advertise your own stories/websites. We’ve got exactly the place for you to do that - Blood Roses Forum.


Can I write for Project Paranormal?

We are always looking for more writers to join the series. If you feel you would like to try writing for us, please contact Dark Star or Jo for more information, or look out for the on-site advertisements.


Project Paranormal is our homage to the series' Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, created by Joss Whedon and loved by millions. We are not affiliated with him, 20th Century Fox, ME or the WB. No money is made by this site, and no offence is meant by our borrowing of his characters.